Harrison's Coarse Pellets - 11.34 kg

25 pound bags of Harrison's Coarse Pellets

These products are also available in 25 lb bags (11.34 kg)

Harrison's Adult Lifetime Coarse

Harrison's High Potency Coarse

Harrison's Pepper Lifetime Coarse

However, because they are so large and expensive, and the relative demand may be small, we do not stock these directly. 

In general, if you have just one bird, then 455 g bags is the best option. This is because Harrison's recommends using up the pellets within six weeks of opening. For a couple of large birds, the 2.27 kg bags will still be the better option.

The 11.34 kg bags are recommended usually only for people who have many large birds.

When you place an order for these, an additional shipping invoice will be created for you, emailed to you for payment, and the products will be shipped directly from the wholesaler's warehouse. 

The shipping price for such an order will be $32-95 depending on where in New Zealand you are based. It is more cost-efficient for shipping to order at least two bags because the courier price is fixed for packages up to 25 kg. 

Any other items you purchase at the same time will be shipped as per the normal process.

To order, please email the following to parrottreatsnz@gmail.com

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