Stock History - when was this item added?

Here you can find the history of when new stock was added:

8 Nov 2019 - restocked 454 g bags and 2.27 kg bags of High Potency Coarse. Added Bird Bread Millet & Flax.

23 Oct 2019 - added 2.27 kg bags of Harrison's Adult Lifetime Coarse and High Potency Coarse, restock of 454 g bags of Power Treats.

18 Oct 2019 - restocked 454 g bags of Adult Lifetime CoarseAdult Lifetime Fine, and Pepper Lifetime Coarse.

18 Oct 2019 - added Harrison's Bird Bread Hot PepperBird Bread OriginalHigh Potency Mash, and Adult Lifetime Mash.

3 Oct 2019 - added Nekton-Lori.

13 Sep 2019 - added 454 g bags of Harrison's Adult Lifetime CoarseHigh Potency CoarsePepper Lifetime CoarseHigh Potency Fine, and Power Treats.

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