House Sitters and Bird Carers

You know it's nearly impossible to go away for longer than a night or two when you have parrots. Perhaps if you have smaller birds, you could ask family or friends to look after them for a few days. But any bigger birds with cages that cannot be carried pose a problem - we need someone to come and house sit while looking after the parrots and also provide them the everyday care and stimulation. The best people for the job would of course be other bird owners, but at the very least people who can follow instructions precisely, as even a small mistake can lead to a big problem with a bird. 

Below is a list of people who are comfortable with looking after birds and have experience. Feel free to contact them to discuss your needs.

If you know other great house sitters who would like to be listed here, get them to please get in touch.

Areas covered: 
Birds comfortable with:
Previous experience with: African Grey, Eclectus