Avian Vets

It can be so distressing when your parrot is sick and you take them to a vet, and the vet cannot catch the bird, does not know how to towel the bird, or clips their nails or wings incorrectly.

Below is a list of vets who are known to be good with birds. They have either got an interest in birds or have done some exotic vet studies or are members of the Avian Veterinary Association. Going to these vets will reduce the stress for you and your birds.

If your avian vet is not listed on the page but they would like to, please get in touch.


Avian Empire
Online consultation service for pet bird owners and has a blog

Exotics Help
Online consultation service for vets and has many reference files


Kevin Turner
Mill Road Veterinary Clinic
116 Mill Rd, Kensington

Sophie Bell
17 Jackson Road, RD9


Taryn Hutt
Peninsula Bay Vet Hospital
689 Whangaparaoa Rd, Auckland