Collection: Food

Everyday food for your parrots. 

Harrison's Bird Foods: High potency Harrison's is recommended for birds starting out on pellets. Adult lifetime is the 'maintenance' formula. Pepper is the alternative adult lifetime with a bit spicier flavour. Coarse, fine, and mash are just the different sizes - bigger birds usually prefer coarse, budgies and smaller will be ok with fine or mash, and medium birds can choose fine or coarse, depending on their preference. Also have a look in the Supplies section for Neonate food and Recovery Formula.

Lorikeets: Nekton-Lori is our option for lorikeets and lories. But you can also use Harrison's fine or mash and turn it into a softer mix with water and honey or glucose syrup. Vetafarm Forest Fusion is another lorikeet altertenative.

Vetafarm: Vetafarm pellets are available for macaws and other larger parrots, eclectus parrots, south american parrots (conures, amazons), and finches/budgies/canaries. Also have a look in the Supplies section for Neonate food.

TOP's Parrot Food: Cold-pressed whole-ingredient pellets. Available in Large and Mini.