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Lorikeet Food - NEKTON-Lori

Lorikeet Food - NEKTON-Lori

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Lorikeet Food - Complete Food Concentrate for Nectar-Eating Parrots

✔️higher in protein than other wet diets so they have more resources for all that energy
✔️makes their droppings clearer so it's less clean up for you
✔️comes with a measuring spoon

    Nutrition is commonly neglected with pet birds. This is a common reason for many health problems. Lories and lorikeets have highly specialized dietary needs. Your bird's health depends on how well it is fed.

    What does my Lory or Lorikeet naturally eat?

    Lories and lorikeets eat nectar and pollen in the wild. They will also eat soft foods like fruits, berries, blossoms, and buds. They do not eat seeds in the wild.

    What should I feed my Lory or Lorikeet?

    There are a number of excellent commercial nectar and pollen substitutes available for lories and lorikeets. These products should be mixed in small quantities and changed at least twice daily, as they will spoil readily. These foods will spoil if not mixed fresh and put in clean dishes. Do not mix up more than needed for one feeding. Some commercial foods are Nekton-Lori, Quiko Lory, Avico Lory Life, and CeDe Lory food.

    Parrot Treats is the New Zealand supplier for Nekton-Lori, one of these excellent foods for lorikeets.

    Nekton-Lori is the liquid food for lorikeets and lories that naturally feed off flower nectar, plant sap, and pollen. The composition of Nekton-Lori's high-quality ingredients is balanced to mimic the natural diet of lorikeets and lories. It is one of the best wet food mixes for lorikeets and is a complete diet for these birds.

    Nekton-Lori lorikeet food takes into account the special structure of these birds' digestive tracts, broken down proteins (present as amino acids) and focuses on the direct availability of easy to digest carbohydrates. An optimum mixture is the results of over 100 individual components supplemented by specific fatty acids and enriched with all essential substances (vitamins, trace elements) as well as minerals and major elements. No other feed has to be supplied. Do not supplement with other vitamins while feeding Nekton-Lori as it is already fortified with vitamins and minerals.

    Do not give to sensitive species of lorikeet (eg, plum-faced lorikeet), instead they would need NEKTON-Nektar-Plus. 

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