Wild Bird Energy Pellets - Berry

Wild Bird Energy Pellets - Berry

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Treats for wild birds. Not suitable for pet parrots. Provides an immediate source of energy often essential for survival during breeding or winter months.

These energy pellets can attract silvereye/wax-eye (pihipihi), sparrow (tiu), thrush, blackbird (manu pango), and yellowhammer. These power-packed pellets provide the perfect answer to meet their breeding and winter needs.

You can serve these on a dish, or just scatter on the ground; or fill the pellet feeder and hang it up in a tree. Ensure that fresh water is available for the birds.

    500 g. Store in a cool, dry place.

    Vegetable fat, peanut flour, wheat flour, and berry flavouring.

    Protein 7.1%, Fibre 2.3%, Fat 28.4%, Ash 0.7%