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Cockatoo Design Face Mask

Cockatoo Design Face Mask

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Cockatoo design face mask with 3 layers - two layers of quilting cotton sandwiched around the middle cotton flannel filter layer.

Wired support above nose for comfort and breathability. Elastic ear loops and an optional loop extender.

No seam down the centre of the mask - so no break in the fabric or stitching holes in front of your nose and mouth.

Comes packaged and with washing instructions. Can be hand or machine washed.

The mask is 20 cm long and when fully stretched out on ear loops, it's about 40 cm. The additional elastic is provided to allow for comfort on bigger heads.

Made in New Zealand.

While the masks are made from the same fabric, the print differs on all of them - sometimes the cockatoo is whole and in the centre, sometimes a bit to the side, sometimes it's only the cockatoo's feet or just the head! The masks without full cockatoo are sold at a discount, please select using the drop down.

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