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Coconut Treasure Hunt

Coconut Treasure Hunt

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A hanging toy that is basically a coconut - it has some shells inside, and you can place your own treats, such as fruit or nuts. A more adventurous smaller bird could even use it as a house!

🦜Suitable for medium and smaller birds, such as conures, lorikeets, cockatiels, and maybe for budgies to hide in. The bigger birds, such as galah, cockatoo, african grey, could use it to hunt for treats you place inside. Coconut is quite hardy and hopefully will last a while before being destroyed.

The toy is 29 cm long and 11 cm in diameter.

Please be careful when introducing new toys to parrots as they are often scared of new and unfamiliar things. Here's one approach on how to introduce new toys to parrots.

👆Monitor all toys and the parrots playing with them to ensure they are not eating any loose strands.

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