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Foraging Hide & Seek Treats Triangles

Foraging Hide & Seek Treats Triangles

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Food colouring dyed slices of wood on a metal rod and interspersed with beads. Each triangle has indentations in which you can place treats. The parrot will need to work out how to rotate the triangles to get the treats out. Although, if they're anything like mine, they'll probably just bang it about until the treat falls out! 🤦Luckily, it's a sturdy toy made of solid wood.

🦜 The toy is 28 cm long and 13 cm across.

Please be careful when introducing new toys to parrots as they are often scared of new and unfamiliar things. Here's one approach on how to introduce new toys to parrots.

👆Monitor all toys and the parrots playing with them to ensure they are not eating any loose strands.

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