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Foraging Hiding Ball

Foraging Hiding Ball

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A hanging toy, featuring a piece of leather to chew on, a bell, some ropes, and a wooden ball that is easy to open but hangs closed. You could place a treat inside the ball and get your parrot to work out how to open it to get the treat.

🦜Suitable for smaller birds such as budgies, lorikeets, cockatiels, and conures. 

👆We recommend removing the bell or at least the clapper, as some birds get too obsessed with it.

The toy 22 cm long and 5 cm wide.

Please be careful when introducing new toys to parrots as they are often scared of new and unfamiliar things. Here's one approach on how to introduce new toys to parrots.

👆Monitor all toys and the parrots playing with them to ensure they are not eating any loose strands.

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