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Insect Medley

Insect Medley

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Natural treats for poultry, wild birds, reptiles, and tropical fish. A protein rich treat that is also loaded with calcium.

Feeding Instructions

Feed 2-5 crickets per meal, depending on the size and species of your pet. For smaller fish and reptiles, break crickets into small pieces. 

Birds will regulate their intake as required. Place in a feeder or spread on the ground to encourage natural foraging behavior for wild birds and poultry.


    125 g.  Resealable bag. Store in a cool, dry place.


    Dried crickets, dried mealworms, dried grasshoppers.

    Nutritional Analysis

    Protein 65%, Fat 14.3%, Fibre 4%, Moisture 8%, Ash 3.53%, Minerals 3%

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