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Shredder Gift Bag

Shredder Gift Bag

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A bag made from palm leaf filled with woven palm leaf and a wood block. Tougher construction so hopefully lasts more than a few bites. Could be fun for a bird to forage from. Sneak in some treats for them to find. When they eventually pull it apart, if the outer shell is still in one piece, you could refill it with paper or other interesting things and tie it back up.

🦜Suitable for medium and smaller birds, such as budgies, conures, lorikeets, and cockatiels. Bigger birds can also play, but likely will chomp through it faster.

The toy is 35 cm long and 8 cm across.

Please be careful when introducing new toys to parrots as they are often scared of new and unfamiliar things. Here's one approach on how to introduce new toys to parrots.

👆Monitor all toys and the parrots playing with them to ensure they are not eating any loose strands.

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