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Wild Bird Coconut Feeder - Cherry

Wild Bird Coconut Feeder - Cherry

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Treats for wild birds. Not suitable for pet parrots. Provides an immediate source of energy often essential for survival during breeding or winter months.

A complementary feed for wild birds such as silvereyes/waxeyes (pihipihi), sparrows (tiu), blackbirds, thrushes, yellowhammers, and finches.

Once all the food is finished, the coconut shell can be refilled with broken up energy truffles or energy logs, or pellets, or fruit and seed, or even left as is as a possible nesting spot for wild birds.

Feeding Instructions

Place feeders and food well off the ground to keep birds safe from predators. Hang securely from a solid branch or other area. Always ensure fresh water is available.


    Store in a dark, dry place.


    Wheat flour, vegetable fat, natural colourant and flavouring, freeze-dried NZ grown cherries.

    Nutritional Analysis

    Protein 6.6%, Crude Fibres 2.1%, Fat 34.4%, Ash 0.7%

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